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Hello All, welcome to my website, I am currently stuck in traffic...Oh Sorry, I meant I am currently based in Dubai, UAE. I have owned this domain name and website since its inception. I think I've earned it and deserve it. This is a personal webpage and There isnt any useful info here, so if you are looking for somethin you are probably at the wrong place. But you can stay as long as you would like to. The only links tht work are "Pictures and "guestbook" and "home" maybe. I dont intend to work on the rest of the links , so the rest of the links are imaginery , just pretend that they r not ther , like I do.

And this website is hosted by Edesignsonline. which is owned by my friend Azfar, to whom I am very thankful for hosting this for free. later guys .... bye.

This site is under observation

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